Spill Aid 30 Ltr


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Spill-Aid is a lightweight product and also the most powerful loose absorbent on the market, and can absorb Oil, Petrol, Diesel, Pesticides, Herbicides, Solvents, Acids, Alkalis, Human & Animal Wastes, Blood, Vomit, Paints including Oil and Water-based, Polymers, Glycols including Anti-Freeze, Vegetable Oils, Butter, Beverages, all liquids or semi liquids. Absorbs more fluid than any other comparable absorbent on the market. Spill-Aid has the ability to absorb up to a massive 5-30 times more fluid than clay based granules and is at least 5 times more absorbent “pound for pound” than any other absorbent on the market. Just 1 x 5 ltr pouch can absorb 3.5 ltr of spilt fluid (dependent on the spill). That is a massive 7 times it’s own weight, also reducing waste costs by up to 80%.